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November 18th 〜 December 10th


New Fabric Books from Dormeuil

I just received new fabric books from Dormeuil!


Luxury Super 160's - 15.7 micron wool

Very fine yarn count 2/120 used.

7.5oz 240g

Royal 11 & Krono

Winter Fabric with a British look, resilient and easy to work, with an impeccable hang.

11.5oz 350g

Exel Blue

Natural Stretch & pure Marino wool for comfort, perfect for both womenswear and menswear.

7.5/8.5oz 240/260g

New contact number

Thank you all for supporting KAZUNA over the years!

We are still offering the same service by appointment, we will be coming to your home or office.

Our new contact number is 0412 373 351 or email us at

Thank you!

Looking forward to hearing from you all!


I will come to your office or home

Just like the title says, I will be more than happy to come visit your office or home for those of you who are busy and/or don't have time to come visit me in the city during the business hours, and/or prefer privacy.

Obviously, there is an area limitation, I cannot come to everywhere. But if there is public transportation available, I will try to accommodate. However the travel fee may apply depends on where you are located and what you are getting.

You can contact me via "APPOINTMENT"

How can education help you make the right MTM suit choice?

Stylish and beautifully crafted MTM (made to measure) suits can make a striking and dramatic effect for the wearer. A suit like this can make you look more attractive, more professional and more serious. But, with so many made to measure suits out there, it can be quite challenging to make the right choice. This is the reason why we would like to talk about education in this process, an activity that we at KAZUNA provide.

The importance of education when choosing MTM suits

MTM suits are a huge hit these days, but what many people don’t know is that MTM suits are not the same. They are made from different materials, they have different sizes and styles and they are following different principles during the process of production.

As an educated customer, you will be able to make more conscious decisions. This is quite natural because if you know exactly what you need, there is little room for failure. By learning more about these exceptional suits, you will also learn how to determine quality. Education in this field supports product awareness. In other words, an educated customer can tell the difference between two seemingly similar products (in this case MTM suits) made by two different stores.

Another thing that makes education important for both sellers and customers is the fact that this is one of the best ways to establish a connection and build a relationship. Customers feel important when they are being educated. At the same time, they are developing trust in certain brands. Made to measure suits may seem like a simple product, but there are a lot of things that people can learn about them.

How does KAZUNA help customers with education?

Here at KAZUNA, we are not focused only on marketing and making a profit. As a company that has a lot of experience in making and selling MTM suits, we know exactly what clients want to hear when they are choosing suits. However, we are focused on telling them what they need to hear and sometimes these two things are different. As a result of that, we are able to make suits that emphasize confidence and success and makes the client look and feel great. This is one of the best things about wearing high-quality MTM suits and we know that.

With over 25 years of experience, we have witnessed the emergence of many different trends and styles. Some of them were quite short while others are still into play. That’s why, when you choose KAZUNA as your place for buying MTM suits, you can rest assured that you will get recommendations that are based on our thorough knowledge of garments. When you enter our store, you will get the necessary assistance and understand exactly what and why you are buying.

At KAZUNA, customers will not only get premium-quality garments at a fair price, but they will also get proper education provided by experienced, knowledgeable, professional and friendly staff.


Why Does Trust Matter When It Comes To Made-To-Measure Suits?

Made-to-measure suits are not something new in the market and there are hundreds of places where you can find such suits. Just like in the case of other product and service providers, MTM suit stores are different.

Kazuna, for example, has become a strong brand – a brand that you can trust. Many clients and business owners forget how important trust is in business and that MTM suits business is not an exception. However, we are here to remind them, by providing top-quality products at reasonable price.

First and foremost, when people trust some brand, they know that the brand will deliver on their promises. In other words, the consistency that certain company provides is one of the main reasons why clients come back for more. A serious business, like Kazuna knows that satisfied customers are loyal customers and a successful business cannot exist without a base of loyal customers.

Trust also means that a company has integrity as an organization. The value of a business is based on the fact how trustworthy, honorable and believable it is. What is even more interesting is that trust helps the employees within an organization to work in a better way together which ultimately means better services and products.

Another interesting fact is that trust is extremely important because a trustworthy MTM designer can expect recommendations from satisfied clients. If the client is convinced that you are a business that they can trust they will be glad to refer you to the people they know. It is crucial for every MTM suits business to build trust.

Why and how Kazuna values trust?

As one of the leading brands in this field, Kazuna is focused on creating MTM suits that are strengthening trust in our brand. Ever since we have started working in this industry, we have invested maximal effort to earn customers’ trust by providing the best possible service and to make sure that every customer is satisfied.

By providing them the best quality garments at more than reasonable price, we were able to establish a huge customer base. We have also invested a lot of time and money in developing a professional customer service which notifies clients about the estimated ready date by email, providing updates and sending follow-up emails which are showing our interest in their experience, we don’t like to keep our clients in the dark. In addition, we also provide on-the-spot press and iron service and even sewing buttons on the spot, polish your shoes from Kazuna, for the case of emergency.

Our team of professionals will be glad to show you how to take good care for the garments and give you professional advice about the best ways in which you can use and maintain your MTM garments. We are a very transparent business because we don’t have anything to hide. We treat every client in the same way in which we would like to be treated. As a well-established business, we know that clients respect and trust companies with good customer service. That’s why we are constantly investing in this service.

Kazuna is an MTM clothing shop that you can trust!

Made-To-Measure Suits – What’s the Role and Meaning of Quality?

Made-to-measure suits are worn by men who care about their appearance and men who want to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Generally speaking, these MTM suits should have high quality, but the fact is that not all of them are the same.

Kazuna is a place where you can find MTM suits that meet and exceed the highest quality standards in this industry. We know that quality matters and that’s why we are doing our best to create such suits. If you are still not sure why quality is important, keep reading this article because we will provide some answers.

To start with, quality matters because it makes wearing suits a much more pleasant experience. There is no doubt that clothes that are made in a professional way and with care feel better. Additionally, wearing MTM suits of high quality like the ones found in Kazuna can improve your self-confidence. The joy of wearing a beautiful suit, for example, can be transferred over into the way a man carries himself.

Needless to say, wearing a premium-quality suit is very important because it looks better on a man. A suit made of thin, brittle materials looks drastically different compared to a suit made of durable, rich material. We can all agree that the higher quality makes a suit that looks more interesting and attractive. From more vivid and specific colors to softer and stronger fabric, quality suits simply make you look better.

It is also good to mention that quality is crucial because it makes MTM suits more durable. Suits that include dyes and colors with high quality will keep their original color for a longer period of time. The same goes for the fabric. If it is a high-quality fabric it will be very durable.

Kazuna and our view on quality

Kazuna has always been focused on making MTM suits that follow the industry’s requirements and standards. For instance, we are paying a lot of attention to things like ironwork and sponging. They are both parts of the process of making a new suit. The same goes for the support (canvas) which is found inside the suit.

What we are trying to say is that many people that don’t have much experience in this field, misunderstand the meaning of quality. Namely, they judge a suit only by its external appearance and that’s wrong. The outside fabric is important, but we should not forget the quality of suit from the inside. The inner part (the canvas, ironing, sponging etc.) is the main thing that provides comfort.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that hand sewn and hand work are terms that should not be associated with high quality by default. What really matters is consistency. Too many handmade suits are inconsistent which is why people are skeptical.

Kazuna is a store where you don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to get an inexpensive MTM suit!


New Denim Fabrics!

We received new denim fabrics, some are great for those of you who like lighter denim!

9oz Bamboo Blend Denim

Denim with 50% bamboo and 50% cotton blend in weft yarn. Bamboo has refreshing feeling and antibacterial effect, and the original color of bamboo is also reflected. Processing is only ONE WASH

Knit Like Denim Indigo

Denim Indigo woven fabric, but the texture of the knit (knitted fabric) is given by changing the weave structure (making the back side pile like a double weave technique)

10oz Top Stretch Denim Grey

Stain Denim processing using a TOP yarn that mixes different color dyed cotton dyed at the stage of cotton at spinning to produce a unique melange sensation

Off white 13.5oz Selvage Denim

Off by turning the dyeing densities with warp and weft, processing that finishes in a depthy look is only one wash

6.7oz 60/2 × Supima/Linen

Stretch span Two layers structure gives a composite function, Elastic polyurethane inserted into the core to achieve fast resilience, quick drying hygroscopic Hybrid denim finish processing is only one wash

9oz Black × Black Stretch Denim

Warp is vintage like Using natural uneven thread and weft yarn stretch yarn to enhance stretch black and black denim. Processing is only ONE WASH 

10oz SLOW WORK Selvage Denim

Use an old - fashioned shuttle loom Reduce the number of wefts with respect to warp, slow the weaving speed to produce a soft texture Denim, processing is one wash Only

8oz Cotton/Linen Selvage Denim

Warp uses natural Zimbabwe cotton, and weft uses Irish linen. So it has unique touch of dry touch and gloss is characterized by only one wash

10oz Cool Max Selvage Stretch

Denim using Coolmax ® technology Sucking sweat from the body and evaporating quickly achieving cool and dry comfort, may also Selvage denim, processing is only one wash

Why Should Price Not Be Your Top Priority When Buying Made-To-Measure Suits?

In the recent period, more and more men are interested in buying made-to-measure suits. This is quite natural because MTM suits bring many different benefits. They provide a better fit, they can emphasize your personal style, they are usually made from quality materials and they are more durable. But, just like any other product out there, these suits come at a certain price.

If you are buying a made-to-measure suit, you are probably wondering how much money you should spend. At Kazuna, we are aware that most people have a certain budget in mind when they are trying to find the best suit like this. However, what we would like to point out is that the price should not be your top priority in this process because what matters the most is the value.

First of all, cheap made-to-measure suits would not give you the value for money because, in the end, you will get what you paid for. For many buyers, buying a cheap suit like this means saving money, but once they buy a cheap suit they will notice all the flaws. The suits will probably be made from low-quality materials and construction, even though it will suit them well they won’t feel comfortable. On top of that, these cheap MTM suits will probably last for a shorter period of time which means that the return on investment will be low in the long run.

On the other hand, opting for an expensive MTM suit is not always the best approach either. The fact is that many of these costly suits are not able to give the wearer the value because they are just too expensive for what they are. Making an MTM suit takes time and effort and the materials used in it can be quite costly. However, there are many cases when the final price is way higher than the cost of all these factors that contribute to the price.

How can Kazuna help?

At Kazuna, we are creating every suit with one thing in mind – the needs and requirements of our customers. That’s why we have decided to give them the best value for money whenever they are buying a suit like this. Value for money is not something that is associated just with the minimum purchase price, but a term that is used to describe maximum effectiveness and efficiency of that purchase. We support clients to do research on the Internet and compared the prices. They will notice that our prices are more than reasonable and fair.

Kazuna is looking for long-term clients that would like to recommend our store to their friends and coworkers. This is only possible by providing a reasonable price for every product we make. It’s worth mentioning that we never compromise when it comes to quality and besides making proper MTM suits we are also making suits that last for a long time. If you are looking for value MTM suits, shirts, shoes and denim, give Kazuna a chance to prove to you how passionate we are.

New Fabric book "15 Point 7" by Dormeuil

Another addition to the Dormeuil collection.

15 POINT 7

The enigmatic name of Dormeuil's fabric book, 15 POINT 7 is no mystery to the connoisseur. It refers to the luxury super 160's suiting produced solely with finest 15.7 wool fiber gathered from sheep raised in one of the most beautiful scenic landscapes of New Zealand. Dingleburn Farm, where some of this unique 15.7 wool originates lies in this idyllic setting, and it is from there that Dominic Dormeuil has made a personal selection for the range.

The fine fiber is used to create a luxuriously soft and performant fabric, ideal for suits which can be worn in all seasons.

The designs for 15 POINT 7 are elegantly subtle, including tone on tone checks and classic patterns.

These fabrics are so fine, that only proper construction could hold up. I am so confident to prove to you that our construction could hold up these fine fabrics, to make you look absolutely the best.

$2950+GST a suit

3.11.2011 東日本大震災の追悼と復興へお祈りささげます

6 years ago today was the day.

I would never forget this day. There are still so many people suffering in Japan because of what happened. 

I feel useless, I can't do anything for them. We tend to get caught up in everyday life and forget what really matters to us.

I have experienced 9.11 in New York, and 3.11 in Yokohama, Japan. 

All I can do is to pray, and do what I can to help people in general, try to always remember what happened and there are so many people out there in the world suffering everyday in their lives.


We received new shirt fabrics

White, Pink, Blue

Leno weave (also called Gauze weave or Cross weave) is a weave in which two warp yarns are twisted around the weft yarns to provide a strong yet sheer fabric. The standard warp yarn is paired with a skeleton or 'doup' yarn; these twisted warp yarns grip tightly to the weft which causes the durability of the fabric. Leno weave produces an open fabric with almost no yarn slippage or misplacement of threads.

Zoom in 


Leno weave fabric allows light and air to pass through freely so are used in any area where a sheer, open weave fabric is required that will not bruise (where the threads shift away from their woven uniformity disturbing the beauty of the weave). If a simple in-and-out flat weave were woven very loosely to achieve the same effect the threads would have a tendency to this bruising. Leno weaves are often used for window treatments and for sheer layers for fine clothing. When made with glass fibre or other strong yarns or when permeated with a strengthening compound it can be used as an engineering material in construction, though due to the openness of the fabric if a solid covering is required it is often used in conjunction with other weave styles.

Karamiori or Japanese Leno Weave includes all loom techniques that make use of intertwining threads to create the structure of the weave.[4] Karamiori is an old and highly respected textile production method. The Japanese divide karaori into three basic styles based on structure: sha (紗), ro (絽), and ra (羅). Sha is the basic leno weave, Ro adds additional areas of flat or twill weaves and Ra maintains the concept of twisted threads but allows both warp and weft to be freed and recombined to form highly intricate weaves.


Reference - Leno Weave

Scarves from Holland and Sherry

Escorial wool 80% / Silk 20% Scarves in 5 colors

Originated in Persian, In the 11th century in India, as a pattern woven in Kashmir, Paisley its design in Europe has been brought in handwoven shawl, etc. in the 18th century.

Although originally was a pattern that mimics the leaves of pine cone and linden, this name was established by the painting has been spread is refined by Scottish Paisley who had been producing a variety of fabrics. The current standard pattern of the Scotland national flower, is also said to those that mimics the leaves of thistle.

Holland & Sherry has created a scarf with a unique softness woven yarn Paisley blend the wool best material Escorial and silk of representing this Scotland.

Black&Charcoal, Black&Burgundy, Red, Blue, White&Blue

5 colors (Silver sold out)

This material Escorial with that type of sheep called miniature sheep that had been virgin from the old to the Atlas Mountains foothills of Africa, delicacy and softness of the wool is wool enough to be comparable to cashmere.

Although Spain boasted the glory in the 16th century has undergone only to exclusively breeding is provided with a special ranch in the country for which use the best wool royal family, the history seems to have been extinct along with the Spain of decline I have buried.

But the beginning of 19 century, purebred offspring that had been donated by the Spanish royal family to the British Empire in Scotland of the ranch in the early is found. The ranchers decided to make the management transfer the pastoralists to make a union with the prominent mill from the meaning of its rarity and purebred protection in Tasmania, Australia.

The current annual production at about slightly 20 ~ 30t, this is a rare wool that is less than 1% of the production of cashmere wool. Holland & Sherry has done the only exclusively buy all this raw wool from 2006, it has now become the finest wool, which boasts the company.

Price $533.50 ($485+GST)

Cashmere 100% Scarves in 36 colors

100% cashmere scarf and shawl collection. Of course, all the United Kingdom (Scotland) made in its softest and profound feeling using plenty of yarn, you can feel immediately the moment you have it in your hand.

Size regular 30 × 150cm, slightly longer 36 × 183cm, 73 × 183cm women's shawl, and 147 × 183cm for your lap.

36 Solid colors in total, basic colors like black, navy and wine, brighter softer colors like blossom pink, pistachio green and lavender.

You will clearly see the difference in 2nd season on.

Price $583 ($530+GST) for 30 × 150cms, $751.30 ($683+GST) for 36 × 183cms, $1,493.80 ($1358+GST) for 73 × 183cms women's shawl and $2,990.90 ($2,719+GST) for 147 × 183cms



* Unfortunately, we don't have any samples, approximately 1 〜2 weeks to deliver

New Fabric book "Amadeus 365" by Dormeuil

I have received new fabric book "Amedeus 365" from Dormeuil this morning!

This is a whole new collection of "Amadeus 365", is the new, lighter version of Dormeuil's famous Amadeus cloth; a timeless suiting fabric ideal for all season. The secret of this must-have from Dormeuil lies in its innovative compact yarn which has been developed and manufactured for the extremely precise weaving process which characterises the cloth. and is a cloth that is essential for every man's wardrobe. Amadeus 365: a suit created to wear 365 days a year!

  • A secret finish
  • Compact yarn used to give a smooth handle
  • Easy to tailor
  • Lighter weight for all year round use
  • Weight 260g / 8.5oz
  • Made in Yorkshire England

$2300 + GST a suit

New Program! Made-To-Order

Thank you for your patience, those of you who live outside of Sydney!

I am getting inquiries from various places, asking me where they could buy our products. My intention was to deliver proper service and fit, for this, I was only focusing on the "Made-To-Measure" service, and I needed to have people visiting my shop.

However, I have noticed that either people are too busy or don't live in the area where it's accessable to the Sydney CBD in the business hours.

I am proud to announce that I am offering the "Made-To-Order" service.

If you have an average fit body, but are having a hard time finding good quality garments, I might be able to help you!

What is "Made-To-Order"?!

It is basically the off-the-rack sizes, but you get to choose the fabric, lining, buttons, and style, and we will make a garment from scratch with the same construction as our made-to-measure service. Plus, we could modify the length of the jacket or the sleeves, and hem the bottom of the pants. It's just that I won't be able to properly fit you since I am not there with you in person.

However, if you have been buying suits, shirts, shoes online, the idea is the same.

Any questions, please contact me!

Happy Holidays!

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you this year. It has been an honor and a valuable experience for me. I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year filled with all good things. 

We are open until December 16th, 3:00pm.

We will be closed from December 17th, 2016 to January 15th, 2017.

We will be open from January 16th, 2017 at 11:00am!

Thank you so much!


Women's MTM Shirt Dress!

Right in time for Spring and Summer!

We are introducing the new Women’s item “ MTM Shirt One-Piece Dress
We’d been asked for this for a long time, and finally we ARE ready!!

Basically, it is same as a women’s MTM shirt for the top part, and attached flare skirt. 
So, some of you may know that there are 15 collar styles (including 2 new collar styles), and 8 cuff styles to choose from.

You get to choose long sleeves, short sleeves, or mid sleeves.

Skirt length can be adjusted from the default length, shorter or longer. (-10cm 〜+25cm by 5cm)

You get to have a matching sash belt without any extra $, if you would like.
You get to choose the fabrics from Men’s and Women’s.

You get to have separate fabrics for the top and the bottom with extra $110 (Included GST).

So, the price is…
If the shirt price is $220 (Included GST) then, + the dress option $176 (Included GST) = $396 (Included GST) for the beautiful spring dress!

Then, if you would like to have the separate fabrics for the top and the bottom, add extra $110 (Included GST) = $506 (Included GST)

The prices start from $346.5 (Included GST)

Uniqlo Denim is not bad at all

Japanese denim has been popular around the world, because of the high quality, the craftsmanship.

There are basically the 4 main steps.

Spinning – Dyeing – Weaving – Finishing.

These steps can be done by separate companies, though there is only one company who does all 4 steps in their facility.

That's Kaihara in Hiroshima, Japan. Kaihara is renowned company, produces 50% of denim shares in Japan. The other company is Kuroki, based in Ibara, Okayama prefecture. Kuroki operates 3 steps out of the 4 main steps, from dyeing to finishing.

Kojima, Okayama prefecture is known by the popular jeans makers. Since Kuroki is in Okayama prefecture, many jeans makers use their fabrics, or using their yarn to weave their original fabrics.
These 2 companies are known by their dyeing technique, “rope-dyeing”. They only dye outside of the yarn, and keep inside of the yarn white. This is the reason why it will age nicely.

Kaihara has been talked about lately because of their collaboration with Uniqlo. Uniqlo introduced their jeans using Kaihara selvage denim at 3,990 JPY. That's unheard of. To produce selvage denim takes a long time, with the quality of Kaihara should bring up the cost. Popular jeans makers in Kojima, Okayama prefecture sell their jeans anywhere from 20,000 JPY to 30,000 JPY, some are over 30,000 JPY.

Then, what's the difference?

Kaihara developed denim just for Uniqlo, for their low priced jeans. This was a huge thing in Japan too, that many people review their jeans. When you compare the Jeans from Uniqlo to the jeans among other known brand jeans makers, “difference is obvious” according to those reviewers.

However, good selvage denim would easily cost you more than 10,000 JPY, that people don’t mind getting the selvage jeans from Uniqlo.
There are many bloggers talking about how the Uniqlo jeans age compares to others, and actually getting pretty good reviews.

But, in terms of silhouette and how they are made, that's the other reasons for this price point.

These known jeans makers, they are passionate about denim and jeans. They study the original fiber, go through a dyeing process so many times to create their own colors, combination of different yarns to weave special denim, study human bodies to create the best design and silhouette. 
Of course, there are differences in products. Like in anything, whether its suit, shirt, shoes, cars, electronics, in anything. There should be reasons for being so inexpensive.

Now, people hyped up about Japanese jeans makers, but they are pretty much the same in my opinion. The difference probably being specs, design and silhouette. Fabrication, details, and sewing technique are pretty much at the same level. Some might produce their own cotton, own indigo mixture, dyeing process, but the end result is pretty much the same. They will all fit differently, you will still have to find the best fit for yourself.
Or, if you are not too fussy about the details, purely want to decent denim jeans at low price, probably Uniqlo jeans would be your best bet.

Those of you would like to customize your jeans, choose the fabric, buttons, rivets, stitch, size, we offer customize made-to-measure jeans using Japanese denim, hand crafted at Denim Works (Betty Smith) in Kojima, Okayama prefecture.

Try-on size samples or a tape measure?

Some of my clients, telling me or asking me that the other made-to-measure shops don’t use try-on garments, they only use a tape measure.

Nothing wrong with it, as long as they can measure you properly.

However, to explain how the garment is going to come out is a different story.

In the Bespoke process, there are a few fittings involve that you can tell your tailor to modify the specs, before the tailor completes the garment.

But, in the made-to-measure process, there is only one fitting that you cannot modify the specs, what’s done is done.
Some people might argue with me on this, but the modification in the process and the alteration on the made garment is a completely different thing.
Modification is still within the balance and the proportion, but the alteration is off balance and not proportioned.
Then why not buy one off-the-rack and get the alteration done?

Everyone has own determination of fitting, it is hard to explain how you feel unless you try it on.

This is the reason why, I have try-on samples in everything I carry, to ensure YOU how it is going to come out.

Some retailers make their shirts at their manufacture, then use a local alteration place to add darts in the back to make it slimmer. 
Are you kidding me?!

Anyway, I am here if you want to talk

Royal Caribbean Cotton (Japanese made fabric brand)

Royal Caribbean Cotton is known to be the BEST Japanese made fabric brand.
The original fibers come from the islands in the Caribbean, hand picked the highest quality cotton. Only fibers that are longer than 38mm is chosen to be used, it’s got sheen and elegance, natural feelings.

The original fibers are burned the surface one by one to get rid of cotton fuzz, because of this extra process, dyed colors stand out nicely and hard to fade.

The shuttle loom is used to weave the fabrics, it takes time, but slowly woven fabrics are much better, tighter weave with more threads being used would make the fabrics stronger and drape better.

Caribbean Cotton Silver 100/2ply X 100/2ply
Caribbean Cotton Gold   120/2ply X 120/2ply