Definition of Bespoke?

You see more and more custom tailoring shops opening up in Sydney these days (including ourselves!). People are getting familiar with the options to customize men’s clothing, which is very good that people are more conscious about their appearance. I would personally love to see more men dressing up in Sydney.

However, it is very frustrating to see some of these retailers or/and salespeople are not sending the right information to consumers. Consumers come to us for professional work and advice, because they trust us for what we do.

I am not here to bad mouth people or anything but, it seems to me that some of these retailers don't even know what the definition of custom tailoring is, or purposely sending the wrong information to attract consumers.

We as retailers are not only here to sell but educate, giving the right information and advice to consumers so that they can be fully understood and satisfied for what they buy.

You might’ve been happy with how your suit came out, but are you still happy with the suit after you wore them for a few times?

They should all come out looking good when you pick them up, but question is how would they look and feel a few weeks later? 

They all are in different prices aren’t they? You should ask your salesperson why.

Well, we will tell you why, come visit us!