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Do you know how hard it is to find very basic yet high quality garments?

We can solve this problem because we are 100% committed to our work.

 Ready-to-wear suit retailers offer you what they picked, they tend to pick out something different because they think basic is boring and trend is key.

 But here, you pick the cloth you like and customize yourself. We are here to help you choose the appropriate fabric for your needs. I learned over the years that average hard working men have their comfort zone. They are happy with simplicity like a solid navy suit and a solid gray suit. Also, they care more about durability. If the person wears suits to work everyday, why would you recommend him super fine Italian fabric? I would personally recommend tighter weave English or Japanese fabric because these are better in resilience.

Do you know how hard it is to find sizes in suits and shirts?

Average retailers in Australia offer 8 sizes in suits and 10 sizes in shirts.

 If you are a size 40 in a jacket, whether you are 160cm tall or 180cm tall they will show you the same size because there is no length option in sizes.

If you are 40cm in the neck, whether you have short arms or long arms, they will show you the same size.

 The bottom line is that if you are not an average figured man, nothing off the rack is going to fit you properly.

Of course, there is alteration service. Though, alteration is to make a slight adjustment, not to change the whole look of the garment. It was a shocker to hear a salesperson telling the consumers that the alteration can accommodate everything you need.

 Do you know how hard it is to find honest, knowledgeable sales person?

We weren't investment bankers, weren't lawyers either, this is the only thing we know and been doing this for a long time. The majority of sales people here are casuals, even full timers are not trained or educated. Average sales people don't know how the garments are constructed. They never even seen inside! Why do you think they can give you proper advice not knowing how the garment is made?

Well, don't expect them to give you any advice.

 Our competitors focused on trends and forgot about craftsmanship.

 Nowadays, garments are getting lighter and lighter, nothing wrong with it though, what they don't tell you is that it will wrinkle because there is no support.

Also, they are in the fashion industry that they are okay to wear unconstructed jackets because they know that's how it looks, they have plenty of other jackets to wear.

 But average hard working business people don't have many suits, they want suits that wouldn't require too much work, but stay in shape and give you crisp look.

 You may think that all the Italian tailors make unconstructed jackets, well all top quality Italian tailors use thin canvas in unconstructed jacket to have minimum support, it is not completely naked inside, that is why they look beautiful.

 Trends wouldn't last long, but, basic and quality would last a fair amount of time.

 Buying good quality garments is an investment, though good quality garment wouldn't have to cost you that much.

Time is money! Why would you waste your time looking for something that you can't find? Why not ordering? It's much easier, faster, better fit, cheaper and FUN!

Our goal is very simple by offering a wide range of sizes of very basic yet high quality with style at a reasonable price for hard working men.