Super fine wool? Really?

Don't you have an experience going into one of those retailers, or/and reading up some postings by fashion bloggers?

It is a shocker to see some of the things they say.

They talk about fabrics, but who are they trying to educate? Well, they are not educating anyone, they are embarrassing themselves.

The first thing they tend to say is “ good fabrics are from Italy, fine merino wool, super 120’s… 130’s… bla bla bla bla” Why Italians? Why wool super 120’s? What are wool super 120’s anyway?

Don't take me wrong, I personally love Italian fabrics too, but I understand the pros and cons as well, do they know these things or explain to consumers? They talk about it like there is nothing else but Italian fabrics, or make it sound like it has to be super fine wool.

There are so many wool super 120’s and all out there in the market and prices are varied, why?

We have Italian, English and Japanese fabrics available!

We have Italian, English and Japanese fabrics available!

It is all depends on, what you wear a suit for, how often you wear suits, how many suits you have, which season you are planning to wear and where, etc.…

If you are average businessman, wearing suits to work everyday, you might care about durability and how it fits, how comfortable it is more than how soft or how elegant the fabric is.

Especially those of you who have only a couple of suits, or be on the road all the times visiting your clients, long commute etc.…

If you have more than 5 suits and thinking about adding another suit for a special occasion, you might like the idea of getting a soft and elegant looking suit, it is nice but not for everyday use.

Do they give you a choice to pick a fabric? Or do they try to convince you to make a suit or buy a suit in Italian, English or Japanese fabric because one of them is the only thing they offer?

Italian, English and Japanese, they all have pros and cons.

If you know the retailer you buy a suit from only offers you Italian cloth and you agreed to buy, please don't make a complaint because the suit got wrinkled and wore out quickly and didn't last long, especially you know that you have only a couple of suits and you tend to wear the same suits frequently.

Well, if you have told them all that and they still recommended super fine wool to you then, you may want to complain though.

But these are the things you should know before you go out to buy a suit, so that you can ask your salesperson relevant questions, and determine and make a decision yourself.

The bottom line is that you are the one who wears it, I think you would want to fully understand what you are getting.

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