New Luxury Line in Shirtings

Luxury Line

Addition to regular MTM shirts, we try to accommodate the highest details possible in MTM to our shirtings.

The main difference is that, the sleeves are set afterwards to be slightly shifted forward, just like the jacket sleeves, that gives you an extra comfort.

Only shirt fabrics priced from $190 and up (high quality Japanese fabrics, imported European fabrics, Canclini, Thomas Mason), with extra $50 this is what you are getting.

  1. All the buttons are sewn with stand
  2. Buttonholes are hand sewn look with round edge (machine sewn)
  3. Pattern matching on the collar and collar stand
  4. Pattern matching on the cuffs inside and outside
  5. Gusset
  6. Pattern matching on the sleeve placket
  7. Bar tack on the sleeve placket
  8. Mother of pearl buttons
  9. Off set sleeves (setting sleeves afterwards)
  10. Pattern matching on the yoke and sleeve heads
  11. 3mm finishing single needle stitching with 24 stitches