Ordering process for shoes!

I have noticed that we don't really have good ready made shoe stores in Sydney (at least I don't find what I like). Not too many custom shoe makers either, even you did find some good shoe makers, they are doing bespoke. I always mention that I am not a huge fan of bespoke. Understanding the true bespoke, especially in clothes and shoes, you are dealing with natural materials most of the times that outcome is inconsistent. The bespoke maker would try to accommodate what you like, but it is up to that person to transform your image to the pattern. And you wouldn't be able to see or feel until it's formed. It takes time and effort, good imagination and experience. The made clothes wouldn't hurt you, but made shoes might hurt you if they didn't come out right.

Here in KAZUNA, we offer you made-to-measure shoes. This is how it works!

  • You get measured up!

Then you get to try on sizing samples to determine which size to work with. We have 12 sizes (24.5cm, 6 UK/AUS, 38 1/2 EUR, 6 1/2 US to 30cm, 11 1/2 UK/AUS, 46 EUR, 12 US) in length, 4 sizes (C, D, E, EE) in width total of 48 sizes.

  • Choose the material (Upper leather)

We currently have more than 40 materials to choose from. From calf to kip, suede, smooth, oil. These are just a few examples below.

  • You get to choose the design

We currently have more than 40 designs to choose from. Plus, some additional options (some are extra charge). Sole, heel, welt etc...

  • You get to choose the color of the lining
5 colors

5 colors

  • You get to choose the stitching

That is pretty much it! Approximately 5 weeks later, you will have beautiful shoes!