Don't be fooled by "Super XXX's" label

How do you determine good fabrics for men’s clothing?

Feel? Material (wool, cashmere, cotton, etc.)? or Super XXX’s?

Honestly, how you determine is up to you, none of them is wrong.

However, don’t just go by super XXX’s, another words, don’t be fooled by super XXX’s.

Question 1

The fabric w/ wool super 100’s 80% and polyester 20% blend, this polyester is as thin as the wool super100’s?

Question 2

Does the fabric have to contain 100% wool super 100’s to say that is wool super 100’s?

Question 3

Super 120’s wool is always softer than super 100’s?

What’s super XXX’s anyway?

The number indicates that the fineness of the original fiber and it is also determined by how long it could get with 1kg of the original fiber.

Ex. If it’s super 100’s wool, 18.75 micrometers or finer and logically it should reach 100km with 1kg of the original super 100’s fiber. So, finer the fiber is that the longer it gets in the same 1kg of the original fiber.

However, it is absolutely logic and realistically speaking, it will break if you try to pull that long. That is why it gets reduced by 50 to 70% and spun yarn.

Answers to the questions above.

Question 1; NO,

Question 2; NO, you can say it is super 100’s even with just 1% of super 100’s contained, unfortunately. It is a known fact that many unknown mill companies produce fabrics like this.

Question 3; NO, it's determined by not only how fine the original fiber is but the actual thread count, how many threads in vertical and horizontal, how tightly woven (weave density), the weight. Another words, you could still weave softly with thick thread and feels nice and soft.

Weave density; how many threads there are in average 148cm X 100cm fabric.

How to weave the fabric can be controlled, it could be tightly woven or loosely woven.

Super XXX’s is about the fineness of the original fiber, thread count is about the fineness of spun yarn. Even using same super 120’s fiber, spun yarn could be all different in thickness. Even using same super 120’s fiber and same spun yarn, how the fabric was woven would make the feel and weight different. This is why you can’t really go by super XXX’s alone and this is why there are difference in prices.

Ex.   Reda; super 100’s 100% wool, 66 thread count, 260g

  Canonico; super 110’s 100% wool, 74 thread count, 260g

Loro Piana; super110’s, 100% wool, 66 thread count, 260g

The bottom line is that, you can’t really go by superXXX’s label.

Super XXX’s is NOT always the same, many factors differentiate the outcome of the fabric, the original fiber, spun yarn, weave, weight. Softer fabric is not always better, usually wouldn’t wear well. You need to know what you use your suit for to pick the right fabric.

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