Why men should dress sharp?!

You may not realize this, but the reality is that a man is judged by others within seconds of being noticed.

The old saying that “you only get one chance to make a first impression” is true.

 So, What Does Dressing Sharp Mean?

Before we get to the reasons why men should dress sharp, I believe that we should understand what “dressing sharp” means.

 1.  Dressing sharp means to wear clean clothes that fit

Does dressing sharp mean that we have to wear suits every day of our lives?


Many of us will not be in a career that requires us to wear suits everyday. There are many men who go into jobs like construction work, plumbing, etc. Dressing sharp for all men, regardless of profession, is to wear clean clothes that fit. Not only should you make sure your clothes are clean, you should also make sure they fit. Extra large may feel comfortable, but wearing clothes a size or two too big does not do any good. Fitted does not mean super tight either!

 2.  Dressing sharp means to be aware of personal style

 Building on clean and fitted clothes, the next level of dressing sharp is to be aware of personal style. The way of mastering this awareness is to disregard mainstream trends in fashion. Educate yourself by understanding how you build, your hair and skin tones, your environment and your wallet affects what your style is. We are all not the same – an outfit you see on the man next to you may or may not work for you.

 3.  Dressing sharp means to learn from the classics

 Now that you are aware that a sharply dressed man wears clean and fitted clothes and is a master of his personal style, the next level is to learn from the classics. There is a reason why the clothes from our grandfather’s generation are considered to be classic. Classic menswear, unlike fashion trends, holds firm over time.

 4.  Dressing sharp means to excel

 The last level of the definition of dressing sharp is excellence. Dressing sharp in the greatest sense is to rise above the social norms of the day. Shorts and T-shirts are a common sight in Sydney and for the most part this casual outfit is accepted in many locations. The problem is that shorts and a T-shirt does not rise above these social norms. To excel means to dress sharp. To dress sharp means to surpass the norms.

 Here are reasons why men should dress sharp

Now that we know what it means to dress sharp, let us cover reasons why a man should dress sharp. Dressing sharp draws positive attention. We live in a judgmental world; we are quick to make assumptions and to categorize individuals based on what we see. Even if you try to justify your choice of clothing, you are still giving people reasons to overlook and undervalue you.

By default, we lack the veteran label which older men have through many years in the working world. Some of you don’t have the experience and many of you are fresh out of college.

In order to have potential employers and passers-by stop overlooking and undervaluing us, we need to dress sharp. A man who wears clean and fitted clothing and uses classic styles to his advantage will make people value him, his ideas and his presence. A man who dresses sharp will rise above and chances are, he will be spotted first, valued and respected.

 Dressing sharp shows maturity

 Your background has shaped who you are today, but it is your responsibility to carry yourself forward. And the clothes you wear are no exception. You are responsible for every day of your life. Dressing sharp shows motivation and maturity to everyone who looks at you. They see a man with energy, with health and with a full life ahead of him, but they also see a man who is mature and responsible enough to carry himself from and rise above his past.

 Dressing sharp radiates self-respect

 If you take the time, effort and pride into dressing sharp, you will radiate an image of self-respect and self-worth. People will see you and think positively of you. Dressing sharp means that you are respecting your body. Furthermore, a sharply dressed man will radiate a sense of worth. People will see you in your classic, clean, fitted clothing and they will start to think that you are worthy of their time and company.

 Dressing sharp boosts self-confidence

Believing in yourself is a necessity in order to be successful and to survive. How can a man snag a job he wants if he doubts himself? How can a man walk up to an attractive woman and ask her out on a date if he thinks less of himself? Dressing sharp will boost your self-confidence. If you don’t believe me, go put on your best clothes that you own. The immediate psychological effect is unquestionable.

If you look good, that makes you feel good. If you feel good, that makes you do good.


A simple casual shirt is a huge step-up from the T-shirt. Dressing sharp attracts and keeps wanting attention. A sharply dressed man stands out from the crowd. If you stand out from a crowd, then you attract attention and keep it. This is a good thing, attention is wanted when you are seeking to establish yourself as a leader. Dressing sharply is the first step to attracting and keeping wanted attention.

Image is very important. A man who dresses sharp gives a strong image to which people will be attracted to and will strive to maintain this attention.