I would like to make one thing very clear about the canvas (support) inside of the jacket.

People ask me often times, "is it full canvas or half canvas in your jacket?" I have mentioned this before, but the garment is getting lighter and lighter nowadays. Nothing wrong with it.

However, what people are misunderstanding is that, "full or half" isn't only talking about the length. From the shoulders to the bottom is full, and from the shoulders to the 1st button is half, even just one layer of material (canvas?)...?

The canvas is a lot more than that. It is the KEY of the garment. It is the bone of the body. This will determine how good the suit is.

Inexpensive suit will have a only one layer of material, and they call it a canvas? Just because you have a full length piece of material inside isn't called "full canvas". 

A good suit will have a canvas made with at least 3 pieces of materials layered. The main full length body material, the chest piece and the felt piece.

Even the half canvas will have 2 or 3 materials layered, but length is half.

The canvas is hidden as you know. That is the reason why the most of them cut the cost of the canvas. But they will still say "it is a full canvas" but what they mean is a full length of the canvas, it is not "fully made canvas". Another word, there is not enough support.

Another thing is, what kind of material it is. The canvas out there are not all the same. Wool, cotton, polyester, rayon, linen, horse hair, camel hair, even human hair. There are grades in felt too. Of course, these materials would determine the price, better the material the more expensive the suit will be.

Look at the front of your jacket, does it look wobbly? You now know the reason why.

People appreciate different aspects of good suit is all about. Some prefer hand sewn garment, lighter and softer construction.

I personally prefer a well made canvas that supports the outside fabric to make it drape well.

Any thought?