Dry clean?! You are killing it!

Ladies and Gentlemen

Today, I would like to talk a little bit about how to take care of the garments.

How often do you dry clean your suits? I get this question quite often. Well, once a year, maybe twice a year. If you are the average business man goes to work in suits every day for 5 days a week, you should first of all have 5 suits in your wardrobe so that you don't need to wear the same suit twice or 3 times a week. I see many business men wearing the suits with creases behind your knees. You wear the suit all day long and come home, the suit is tired as well as you are. You should let it hang on the proper hanger and dry it out, let it rest, brush it thoroughly with the fabric brush. This is a lot better than not doing anything at all and put it in the closet right away, this alone would help lasting the life of the suit. You need to remember, the suit is made of natural fiber that needs to breath and well brushed. 

Dry clean is good for oil-based stain because the chemical is oil-based. But usually, stain we are talking about is water-based such as sweat, liquid and smell, these need to be washed with the water. The water goes deep into the fiber and break it up, dry clean doesn't.

Because of this reason, you should always wash and iron the garments. You might say " wash the shirt, but you don't wash the suit in the water".

Well, you can and people do.

There is such a service available. You don't do it often because it is expensive (about AUD$75 a men's suit), and not only the washing part, but need to have the mastery pressing technique to bring it back to the original shape of the garment. However, sometimes it might be worth doing it when the dry cleaning couldn't get rid of the stain of your favorite garment. Even leather shoes and leather bags as well.

Wash and iron the shirt is fairly easy as long as you have time to do so. You put the shirt in a laundry bag and wash it with "hand wash" or "delicate" option of the washer machine. When it's done, take it out and iron it right away or if you don't have time right away, keep it in the plastic grocery bag until you are ready to iron it. If it is already dried up, then you would need to spray some water as you iron it. The point is to have it fairly wet while you iron it, otherwise you can't get rid of the crease. Or, if you really don't have time to do it, then ask the cleaner to do the "wash and iron" instead of the dry cleaning.

You want long lasting garments? Stop doing dry cleaning too much.