Have you ever heard Schonherr (Shuttle) weaving machinery?
It is originated in Germany, Schonherr is the name of the company and the shuttle is the weaving system. Compare to much faster paced weaving machinery we use today it is 1/5 of its speed, could only weave average of 10 meters or so a day.
The average machinery today could weave about 150m to 200m a day, this Schonherr weaving machinery could take 3 to 4 days to weave only 50m!

There are a few fabric mills still existing in Japan using this shuttle system slow paced machinery that were made in Japan more than 50 years ago. They don't make this shuttle system machinery anymore, maintain the machinery well is essential and there aren’t too many technicians who can maintain and repair these machinery, it is very precious.

Despite the fact that it is very time consuming, and hard to keep it maintained, why are they still using it?

The area these fabric mills in is called “Bishu” in Aichi prefecture, Japan.

There are rivers in this area called “Kiso three rivers”. 
The Kiso Three Rivers (木曽三川 Kiso Sansen?) refer to the three major rivers that make up the alluvial plain area of the Nōbi Plain of Japan. The three rivers are the Kiso River, the Ibi River and the Nagara River. Given their location, they are sometimes referred to as the Nōbi Three Rivers

The textile industry started in this area from late 1800’s because of the water from these rivers being ideal to make fabrics, humidity is very similar to its in England.

I am honored to introduce the fabric mill company in Japan, “Kuzuri-Keori”.

Mr. Kuzuya, the director of the Kuzuri-Keori

I have personally visited the factory and met the director of the company. 
Mr. Kuzuya is very humble and a gentleman, showed and explained me the whole process.
It takes 4 full days to get ready, because you would set the yarns by hands. 
How many yarns? It depends on how tight or design of the outcome fabric, but usually over 10,000yarns!!

The fabric is all about the balance between warp and weft, it can't be too strong or too soft.

Because of the slow paced weaving, the fabric feels like hand woven, It is possible to minimize the tension on the fibers, wool with luxurious feel can be produced.

Especially when you weave luxurious, delicate fibers like high counts wool, cashmere, vicuna, you would need to weave slow to control not to break it.

Mr. Kuzuya knows “Time is Money”, though he cannot compromise the quality.
He rather spends more time creating good quality fabric than more fabrics with less quality.

This is why many major designers (Brands) love Kuzuri-Keori!

I feel the same way.
I have seen so many places, mass production with poor quality, good quality but over priced.

Good things wouldn’t need to be so expensive.

Our concept here in KAZUNA, Quality – Value – Mastery!

Price of the Kuzuri-Keori fabrics starts from $1,450 a suit