Can you really tell the difference?


I hear a lot of people talk about Bespoke, like that is the ultimate solution for hard to fit figure and expect that to be THE best fit.


Again, don’t take me wrong, I appreciate the work that's put in. I really do.
I have gone through the whole process of making a suit myself, even canvas.

But is it really worth paying thousands of dollars?

Those of you who nodded, saying yes, obviously, have tried and felt the difference.
But can you really tell the difference? Or you are just saying that because you have paid so much money for it.

Especially those of you never worn a suit before, but wanted to get a first suit being a bespoke, how can you tell the difference? What are you comparing with?

The bespoke tailor should be the first one to tell you that it won’t come out the way you want at the very beginning, not only a few fittings for the first suit, but it will take them a few orders to correct the fitting.
Another words, you wouldn’t want to trust whoever tells you that it will be perfect for your first suit.

You are paying for the name and the hours they put in, who it is made by, it is made by only one person or by a few people, materials other than the fabric itself.

The online bespoke suit $500 vs the RTW suit from Brioni $7500
Which is better? Which do you prefer? Did you just say "RTW Brioni"? Why? I thought you like Bespoke better.

The Loro Piana cotton and Linen RTW suit is about $4000
MTM suit made with Loro Piana 100% wool super 150 could be $2500
Which do you prefer?

Maybe you can tell the difference by the fabrication, but not so much of the construction and manufacturing?

Nowadays, there is a lot more hand work done and technical than how it used to be in MTM.

All the important parts (noticeable parts in wear) should be done by hand, not so important like only visual points could be done by machine.

I hear people talk about top stitch being done by hand and all, but so?
Do you really see the difference, especially on the dark colored suit?


Anyways, I personally don’t think it's worth it, but it's just me. I would rather spend $5000 to buy 3 MTM suits than 1 bespoke suit. Any thoughts?