What should YOU?

We as retailers, often get asked

“What color suit should I get, which style suit should I get, how much should I spend, what color shirt should I get, which collar style should I get, should I get bespoke suit or RTW suit?”

We can answer to these questions in general speaks, give you some opinions.

However, everybody is different.

How old you are, how much you make, single or married, renting / paying mortgage or still living with your parents, have kids, paying for your school, you care for your appearance or not, how often you get to dress up, these different factors matter.

The bottom line is, only YOU should care and decide what you wear for different reasons.

You can get some various opinions from your friends, parents, boss, co-workers, girlfriends and wives, but you still should be THE one who makes the final call.

Nowadays, with all these social media platforms, you get to see so many options.

New fashion trends and all, some are looking extremely good on models, or for some guy who sat next to you on the train or walking in front of you.

However, that is not you is it?

You have to know how you look like. Everything is proportioned and balanced. You don't need to worry about how much you should spend on clothes.

It is funny, I have seen so many people wearing name brands, or bespoke tailored clothes, must spend a fortune, but they look like $@! #.

Also, I have seen so many other people wearing inexpensive clothes, but looking awesome!

When we see people, whether in social occasions or business occasions, we only see how they represent themselves, don't examine the actual garments.

It could be 5 seconds walking pass by, or could be 1 hour in a business meeting. Whatever the case may be, you only see how the garments fit for him more than what the actual garment is.

Do you really think people look at you and think, “he is wearing wool super 150s suit” “he is wearing a Zegna suit” “his suit looks like made out of polyester” “ his sweater is from Uniqlo”, etc.?

No, that is what you may think, but people generally don’t care what you wear.

People, in my opinion, have better things to worry about than what strangers wear.

However, impression is important.

It is unfortunately true that the sloppy appearance would give the wrong impression, even if you are the nicest or the smartest person in the world.

Please don’t take me wrong, it doesn’t mean that we discriminate or pre-judge people.

However, if you couldn't take an extra 5 min to think what you should wear for your important meeting, you obviously didn’t care what people may think about you, then you shouldn’t get upset about how they look at you, or how they pre-judged you.

There should be a minimum of curtsy, we are not talking about expensive suits or high-end clothes here.

You shouldn’t be looking like you just got out of bed or slept in the suit you are wearing now.

I personally respect $100 RTW suit that fits you well, clean and well pressed, than $2000 MTM suit with wrinkles.

So, in answer to those questions. (General speaks)

You should get the basic colors like navy and mid gray, if you think they are boring get same colors in textured fabric.

Personal preference, but the standard (wouldn't go wrong in any occasion) is 2 button notch with side vents.

You should spend how much you can afford, and its worth to you.

Someone else’s $2500 MTM might not be the same value to you.

Rather spend $500 each and get 5 suits, alternate those 5 suits would last longer.

You should have basic white and blue shirts with semi spread collar. (Not too wide and not too close)

If you fit in RTW suit fine, why not RTW?

However, you always require some alteration done, then maybe it's worth looking into MTM.

It is not all about how much you spend, or custom garments, or name brand.

You don’t need to impress anyone, as long as it fits in your budget, you like what you wear, take care of the garment, stay in the basic color range, then you should be well respected in every day life.

Any thoughts?