I have mentioned this before

However, let me please say this again.

Picking the right outfit for the occasion is the exact same thing like you go to the business conferences, reading books, or asking the management consultants for some advices, it is an investment to improve your business.

How you represent yourself is about how you value yourself, it is NOT about how you spend money on things just because you think you need to.

Because how you represent yourself shows people how you are, and they only need a few seconds to determine.

Unfortunately, not too many people understand how important this is.

However, it is fortunate that not too many people care about it.

Another word, as long as you care how you look, how to represent yourself, you are ahead of the game.

You might think that it is not all about how you look.

I would like to agree with you, but ask yourself the same question then.

“Would you like to do business with well groomed and dressed man? Or raggedy looking man?”

I am NOT talking about a man in a suit.

You can be in a nice fitted pair of denim, shirt, well polished pair of shoes.

The reality is

People trust a well dressed man

People trust a man in well fitted cloths more than a man in raggedy clothes

Women like well dressed men

Men tend to make a comment like “I believe it is about inside, not outside”, I would like to agree with you, but how you dress affects how you look, if they don't like how you look they don't care about how you are inside.

Again, it is NOT only about money, everybody is different how to measure yourself.

However, you know the money doesn’t like dirty places.

You should polish your look as well as how you polish yourself inside.

How you choose your outfit is an investment, the right fit for your figure, for your job environment, for the occasions.

I may not be able to accommodate everyone, but you can still ask me questions. I will answer your concerns as much as possible, so that you could shop wisely.

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