IACDE stands for International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives

I often get asked, “how is business?”.

Business is great! Considering that I am the new kid on the block. I have been in this business long enough to discover good things and bad things, right information and wrong information. I am only trying to do the right thing, trying to send the right information as I am also the average business man, and I think people would appreciate that. As I personally appreciate the value, and think that the quality is key in anything. The quality in the products and services, that is my concept in KAZUNA.

I often hear that people in Australia are hungry for good stuff. 
That is exactly why I do what I do, and I am offering the Quality, the Value and the Mastery.

However, the good things can be determined by each individual differently.
The bottom line is that you need to determine what is important to you.

Is it actual $, or the value?

I often hear, “there is much less expensive suits, shirts, shoes, jeans out there”.
Though, what you get for what you paid for being different too.
As long as you are happy with what you’ve got, I am happy for you.
Or, if you can’t tell the difference in quality, then save the money, stick with inexpensive stuff.

I always say, “there is a reason for inexpensive stuff”.
And I know what I am offering in my garments.

Just to give you the rough idea, the suit manufacture that we (KAZUNA) use in Japan was recognized and given the highest 3 stars by the IACDE (International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives) in 2013, only 3 manufactures to receive this recognition in Japan.