Are you ready for Spring and Summer?!

I tend to forget that I am in Sydney, it is relatively warmer climates that even in winter time we don't get too cold.

However, we had enough of the cold months didn't we?!

Well, I certainly had enough and I am ready for Spring and Summer!

This is what Sydney is all about!

I received a few of new cloth for spring and summer.

I am expecting some more in a month or so, but this is something to start with!

Could be a nice casual suit for Fridays, nice jacket to go with a pair of jeans, a nice pair of pants to go with your jackets!

100% Cotton solids $1300 a suit/$335 pants, Patterns $1350 a suit/$350 pants

100% Cotton stretch $1320 a suit/$340 pants,

Seersucker & Camoflage $1300 a suit/$335 pants

100% Cotton dungaree $1300 a suit/$335 pants

100% Linen Oxford chambray $1400 a suit/$370 pants

100% Linen solids $1420 a suit/$375 pants