How fitted would you like your shirt to be?!

I hear men talking, "I want my shirt to be comfortable, but fitted.".

So, how fitted?!

Searching many different brands, asking around, but still can't find the right fit for you.

Then finally found the slim fit, but it's too slim that you need to go up a size in the neck to compromise the body fit.

So, now you are talking, body fit is good, but neck doesn't fit right.

So, how good is it to have your body fit the way you like, but you wouldn't like how the neck fits?

And, not to mention about the sleeve length, the majority of brands don't even have different sleeve lengths in the same neck size.

Even with different sleeve lengths, they come in by inch which is about 2.5cm, that's a lot!!

What if your arm lengths are different?

And these men seem to know, and understand the difference between off-the-rack shirts and made-to-measure shirts, and they seem to care about how the shirt fits, but yet they still try to search for something that would fit him the way they want in off-the-rack shirts.

Almost impossible if you ask me.

The body fits too loose or too tight, sleeve length being too long or too short, the neck is too big or too small, cuff width is too big or too small, I don't like this collar style, cuff style, this fabric, or this color, etc.

Also, they care about quality on top of that.

And, should be affordable?!

So, have you found the shirt that gives you perfect fit, fabric, style, color, quality and price yet?!

And still saying that made-to-measure takes too long to wait?!

Well, you still haven't found your perfect fit shirt right?!

Would you like to settle with something you are not completely happy with, just because you can take it with you today?

Or, would you like to wait for 4 weeks to have a perfect shirt, only for you?

Oh yeah, almost forgot to tell you, we can do that for you here in KAZUNA.

We can give you the fit you would like, style, color, quality and affordable price. 

Come visit us!