New Denim Fabrics!

We received new denim fabrics, some are great for those of you who like lighter denim!

9oz Bamboo Blend Denim

Denim with 50% bamboo and 50% cotton blend in weft yarn. Bamboo has refreshing feeling and antibacterial effect, and the original color of bamboo is also reflected. Processing is only ONE WASH

Knit Like Denim Indigo

Denim Indigo woven fabric, but the texture of the knit (knitted fabric) is given by changing the weave structure (making the back side pile like a double weave technique)

10oz Top Stretch Denim Grey

Stain Denim processing using a TOP yarn that mixes different color dyed cotton dyed at the stage of cotton at spinning to produce a unique melange sensation

Off white 13.5oz Selvage Denim

Off by turning the dyeing densities with warp and weft, processing that finishes in a depthy look is only one wash

6.7oz 60/2 × Supima/Linen

Stretch span Two layers structure gives a composite function, Elastic polyurethane inserted into the core to achieve fast resilience, quick drying hygroscopic Hybrid denim finish processing is only one wash

9oz Black × Black Stretch Denim

Warp is vintage like Using natural uneven thread and weft yarn stretch yarn to enhance stretch black and black denim. Processing is only ONE WASH 

10oz SLOW WORK Selvage Denim

Use an old - fashioned shuttle loom Reduce the number of wefts with respect to warp, slow the weaving speed to produce a soft texture Denim, processing is one wash Only

8oz Cotton/Linen Selvage Denim

Warp uses natural Zimbabwe cotton, and weft uses Irish linen. So it has unique touch of dry touch and gloss is characterized by only one wash

10oz Cool Max Selvage Stretch

Denim using Coolmax ® technology Sucking sweat from the body and evaporating quickly achieving cool and dry comfort, may also Selvage denim, processing is only one wash