Japanese Craftsmanship


I just wanted to share some videos with you. They are in Japanese, no subtitles, but you could kind of see what they are talking about. Even I am a Japanese, and have seen some of the stuff in real life, they still blew my mind. They all have a passion, purely want to see customers' smiles. When you talk about no compromises, I think this is what it should be.

They make impossible possible.

I have to admit, I am not an artisan. I don't create beautiful things like some people do. But I have a passion and appreciate how things are made. I don't know everything, and I am still learning. I often hear people debating about the brands and makers, who is better than who. 

It is sad to say, the majority of them, they don't even know or even spend time to learn how things are made, yet they think they have reasons to to say who is better than who.

I am not saying the Japanese craftsmanship is the best, I just simply admire their craftsmanship, not only the technics but caring, and passionate about something.