Why do you buy made-to-measure garments?

Customization is one element you can enjoy in the MTM process, but I personally prefer the MTM garment because of the sizing, the fit.

But how good is it if your made-to-measure garment is winkled, dirty and raggedy.
Well fitted garments like they are from MTM or Bespoke stores, but they don’t look like it. 
They may be from expensive brand stores, but they don’t look like it.

Just because they are all wrinkled up, crease in the center of your pants is gone, and obviously they are not well maintained.

Then what is the point of buying the expensive brands, MTM or Bespoke garments?

People are misunderstanding, that buying the expensive suits or custom suits would instantly make them look good or something, and expecting it to last forever without maintaining it.

Of course, buying the custom suits might accommodate your body type a little better than off-the-rack suits, but that doesn’t mean that it would last forever, you would need to maintain the garments.
There is no such a thing like maintenance free garment.

The shirt needs to be washed in the water and ironed, people ask for floating canvas in the collar and all, but how good is it if you don’t know how or don't have time to properly iron the collar wing. You might be thinking that you are saving some money, but actually if you cannot iron properly, might as well take it to the cleaner and let them wash and iron your shirt, instead of having it dry cleaned.
If you wash it yourself, do you put it into the laundry bag? Do you wash it separately or wash it with other things? Do you wash it with gentle cycle? No wonder why they shrink, fray, stitches getting loose.

The suit should be brushed with a cloth brush every time you have worn it. It doesn’t need to be dry cleaned, but brushing is essential. You wonder why your suit is looking shiny?
Once in a while, the suit should be steamed and get rid of the wrinkles, press the pants to have the center crease in the front with iron.
If you wear the same suit 2, 3 times a week, you really need to maintain them good on the weekends.

The shoes need to be brushed and, shoe trees inserted, not being worn consecutive days. Especially if you know you are pretty hard on them.

You buy good stuff because you want to look good, right?

Then you would need to know how to maintain it and do it, unless someone in the future comes up with the technology that the garment restores itself.

I am not just a fitter and a sales person, I am an advisor. Ask me if you have questions, I am here to help you.