Care Instruction

Shirts Laundry Instruction

Pre-wash preparation is very important

1.     Apply pre-wash detergent to the collar and cuffs area and let it sit for a few minutes (5min or use toothbrush to rub it)

2.     Put the shirt into the laundry bag

3.     In a washer machine, either gentle cycle or hand wash cycle at 30 degrees warm water with 600 spin or less

4.     Iron right away when it’s still damp. If you can’t iron right away keep the shirt in the plastic grocery bag until you are ready

5.     If the shirt gets dried up before you iron, spray some water to make it damp as you iron it

6.     If the shirt is wrinkle free fabric, put it up on the hanger – If you would like to iron, has to be at low heat


Clothing Cleaning Instruction

Generally, no need to dry clean the clothing, unless you spill something. Maybe once a year otherwise.

1.     When you get home wearing the clothing all day, hang it up on the proper hanger (a jacket should be on the coat hanger, pants and skirt should be on the pant hanger)

2.     Brush with clothing brush

3.     Keep it out to air it for a day before you put it back into the closet

4.     Use steamer (iron steamer) to get rid of the wrinkles

5.     Do not wear the same clothing consecutively


Shoes Care Instruction

Generally, no need to polish them every week, maybe once a month, good polish product should last even 3 months.

1.     When you get home wearing the shoes all day, brush them with a shoe brush, especially around the welt and stitching area

2.     Air them out for a night

3.     Next morning, put shoe trees in them