Premium option shirting

Addition to our regular shirting program, we are proud to announce that we can now offer you the premium option. If you normally buy our shirts from $209 and up, there is a luxury line to have the similar option. 

However, this is for those who don't mind the entry price point fabrics ($170.5 and up), but prefer a little bit better comfort, with extra $44, this is what you are getting

I am not sure how many people have tried off-set sleeves shirts, I personally think its worth trying.

  1. All the buttons are sewn with stand
  2. Buttonholes are hand sewn look (machine sewn)
  3. Gusset
  4. Off set sleeves (setting sleeves after)
  5. 3mm finishing single needle stitching with 24 stitches

* Excluding the Basic whites & Blues Japanese fabrics, Polo fabrics, Short sleeves and Mid sleeves model