Scarves from Holland and Sherry

Escorial wool 80% / Silk 20% Scarves in 5 colors

Originated in Persian, In the 11th century in India, as a pattern woven in Kashmir, Paisley its design in Europe has been brought in handwoven shawl, etc. in the 18th century.

Although originally was a pattern that mimics the leaves of pine cone and linden, this name was established by the painting has been spread is refined by Scottish Paisley who had been producing a variety of fabrics. The current standard pattern of the Scotland national flower, is also said to those that mimics the leaves of thistle.

Holland & Sherry has created a scarf with a unique softness woven yarn Paisley blend the wool best material Escorial and silk of representing this Scotland.

Black&Charcoal, Black&Burgundy, Red, Blue, White&Blue

5 colors (Silver sold out)

This material Escorial with that type of sheep called miniature sheep that had been virgin from the old to the Atlas Mountains foothills of Africa, delicacy and softness of the wool is wool enough to be comparable to cashmere.

Although Spain boasted the glory in the 16th century has undergone only to exclusively breeding is provided with a special ranch in the country for which use the best wool royal family, the history seems to have been extinct along with the Spain of decline I have buried.

But the beginning of 19 century, purebred offspring that had been donated by the Spanish royal family to the British Empire in Scotland of the ranch in the early is found. The ranchers decided to make the management transfer the pastoralists to make a union with the prominent mill from the meaning of its rarity and purebred protection in Tasmania, Australia.

The current annual production at about slightly 20 ~ 30t, this is a rare wool that is less than 1% of the production of cashmere wool. Holland & Sherry has done the only exclusively buy all this raw wool from 2006, it has now become the finest wool, which boasts the company.

Price $533.50 ($485+GST)

Cashmere 100% Scarves in 36 colors

100% cashmere scarf and shawl collection. Of course, all the United Kingdom (Scotland) made in its softest and profound feeling using plenty of yarn, you can feel immediately the moment you have it in your hand.

Size regular 30 × 150cm, slightly longer 36 × 183cm, 73 × 183cm women's shawl, and 147 × 183cm for your lap.

36 Solid colors in total, basic colors like black, navy and wine, brighter softer colors like blossom pink, pistachio green and lavender.

You will clearly see the difference in 2nd season on.

Price $583 ($530+GST) for 30 × 150cms, $751.30 ($683+GST) for 36 × 183cms, $1,493.80 ($1358+GST) for 73 × 183cms women's shawl and $2,990.90 ($2,719+GST) for 147 × 183cms



* Unfortunately, we don't have any samples, approximately 1 〜2 weeks to deliver