You are probably wearing the wrong size shoes

It is very hard to determine the size in anything, whether its suit, shirt or shoes.
Though, wrong fit suit or shirt wouldn’t hurt you, but wrong fit shoes would.

I have noticed as I fit many people in my shop, people tend to like bigger fit shoes as they might be misunderstanding that it's more comfortable.
However, feet get tired when there is no support and feet move around inside of their shoes. Obviously, too much pressure or sharp pain is not good either. But the upper should snugly fit you without any sharp pain. The leather should eventually stretch out.

You need to know what your feet type, and be properly measured for length and width. You should secure the length first, then determine the width size. 

Most of the retailers don’t have stock capacity to offer many width sizes. So, if you claim that it is too small in the width, they will most likely put you in one size bigger in the length.
Now, you may feel comfortable in the width, though it is not the right size in the length.
However, this is how the majority of people settle in the size.
And, we are not even talking about last shape, or modification.
Size might be okay to deal with, but you have sharp pain only on the outside of your right foot, or instep is little too low for your arch.
Or you don’t like the designs they offer you, the colors they offer you, etc.…

In our made to measure shoe program, we will determine the closest size to your feet with our try-on samples. Make a few modifications if you need to, like making slightly higher instep to accommodate your high arch, or you might need slightly more room around the outside of your right foot. Choose the design and the leather you like. Pick the welt, sole, heel, stitching...

We mainly use “Kip” leather, which is from a 6mon to 1year old cow, gives the leather thickness of 0.8mm to 1.3mm, durable and very good for everyday usage.
“Calf” is from an under the 6mon old baby cow, gives the leather thickness of 0.6mm to 0.9mm, soft and elegant, but usually more expensive than “Kip”.

We also offer “Calf” from Annonay in France with extra$, where it's known to produce some of the best cows in the world.

You still haven’t found the right size shoes, had to settle with the wrong size, You have now the opportunity to try on our made-to-measure shoes.

There is absolutely NO risk to you since you get to try on our size sample before you purchase.
Why not give it try?