New Item "Hand Crafted Business Bag"!

Finally, the time has come! We had been talking about this for a quite sometime now.

I am proud to share this with you all, "Hand Crafted Business Bag" by our leather artisan Ad Maiora Designare in Yokohama, Japan. He does our wallet collection, this is an addition to the made-to-order leather goods.

The artisan selected the Italian leather "Elbamatt" for the outside, very elegant, yet it's in matte finish that not too flashy.

Double zipper is from the world renowned YKK, high grade "Excella", with smooth closure.

The lining is Japanese pig suede, in various colors. This is the customizing part, that you can pick your favorite color.

As for our zipper wallets, you get to pick a color for the zipper and stitch.

However, for this business bag, the artisan wanted to keep the natural elegance of the look, keep the matching zipper color and stitch color, play around with only the color of the inside fabric.

So you can show your personality with the color of the lining.

Inside compartment, there is one big pocket on the one side, and 3 little pockets with an adjustable pen holder on the other side.

A MacBook Air 11" , IPad can easily fit in the big pocket, it holds a lot more than how it looks from the outside.


There are 5 pins on the bottom, that it won't damage the bottom part of the leather when you place it on the ground.

All the edges are finished with "Hand filing finish"

Hand Filing Finish Edge

Finish of edge is basically "hand filing finish".
As you may know, because this method takes a lot of work and time, been adopted only on expensive products and on custom-made leather goods. Even the high-end name brands, do not use this method because the profit does not fit.

This is the process, we will carefully file the edge by using sandpapers with different eyes of roughness.
Then repeat staining several times with appropriate dye.
Then, apply a glue that was dissolved by boiling down the natural seaweed to the edge, then polish with file sticks and cotton fabrics.
Repeating this process, sandpaper filing, staining, glueing, a few times with no compromising. Otherwise, It will not be clean and strong.

Then, using a special tool that's heated appropriately to put a line on the border of the edge and the seam. By doing this process will give the strong edge. Nowadays, many people do this purely for the designing purpose as in the visual detail.

After this process, the edge becomes rough, so polish again and again.
Finally, we will pour the heated beeswax, the edge will be very strong by doing this.
This is the end for most of the people, but we repeat the same waxing process a couple of more times to have a stronger finish and a beautiful appearance.