Shoe repair and a toe tap

I have had a few inquiries about metal toe tap.

Personally, I never had an issue having my dress shoes wearing out from the toes, never even thought about it until people asking me about how to prevent.

Usually, you would tend to have some rubber reinforcement put onto the sole, whether it’s only on your toe, in the center, or whole front part of your foot (Topy).

However, this still isn’t enough for some people.

About 30 years ago, it was common to have heel tap on, but nowadays it has started to be pretty common to see people having toe tap on as well, all about prevention.

To have a longer life span on the items, whether it's suits, shirts, shoes, you shouldn’t wear the same thing over and over. You should have a few pairs of shoes and rotate them. 

However, even doing so, you would still need to have some reinforcement to prevent from wearing them out so quickly for some people.
Because of their walking habits, you need to walk around in them for a long time, etc.…

Then, the option of having toe tap became popular. 

We still see the toe tap just put on, but nowadays skill and a technic are getting better that repairmen would cut off the toe for the shape of the metal toe tap to mount it in like this, so the sole is evenly leveled.

Japanese shoe manufacturer (Miyagi-Kogyo) we use at KAZUNA, they don’t offer this service, and we let down some people.
We tried to come up with the solution, but it wasn’t easy putting this extra process into the production line.

However, this has been always on my mind, wanted to accommodate people in need of this service.

Finally, I am proud to say that I am able to offer this service.

I found a shoe maker here in Sydney, who can solve this issue at a very high quality level.

I am proud to introduce Nathan Baxter the shoe artisan based in Sydney the founder of Baxter and Black, who can construct the shoes by hand from scratch.
He knows about shoes inside out, not only he can make and repair, he is passionate, this is the key “passion”. 
There are so many repair shops around, but are they with the passion or only for business?

Unfortunately, we can only assist you with the shoes you have purchased from us. 


Not only the toe tap put on, but other services are available too. 


Toe tap - form $45 +GST turn around 2 weeks

Full leather resole - from $150 +GST

Heels - from $58 +GST

Sole Stitching, Rewelting, Polishing available