Try-on size samples or a tape measure?

Some of my clients, telling me or asking me that the other made-to-measure shops don’t use try-on garments, they only use a tape measure.

Nothing wrong with it, as long as they can measure you properly.

However, to explain how the garment is going to come out is a different story.

In the Bespoke process, there are a few fittings involve that you can tell your tailor to modify the specs, before the tailor completes the garment.

But, in the made-to-measure process, there is only one fitting that you cannot modify the specs, what’s done is done.
Some people might argue with me on this, but the modification in the process and the alteration on the made garment is a completely different thing.
Modification is still within the balance and the proportion, but the alteration is off balance and not proportioned.
Then why not buy one off-the-rack and get the alteration done?

Everyone has own determination of fitting, it is hard to explain how you feel unless you try it on.

This is the reason why, I have try-on samples in everything I carry, to ensure YOU how it is going to come out.

Some retailers make their shirts at their manufacture, then use a local alteration place to add darts in the back to make it slimmer. 
Are you kidding me?!

Anyway, I am here if you want to talk