Women's MTM Shirt Dress!

Right in time for Spring and Summer!

We are introducing the new Women’s item “ MTM Shirt One-Piece Dress
We’d been asked for this for a long time, and finally we ARE ready!!

Basically, it is same as a women’s MTM shirt for the top part, and attached flare skirt. 
So, some of you may know that there are 15 collar styles (including 2 new collar styles), and 8 cuff styles to choose from.

You get to choose long sleeves, short sleeves, or mid sleeves.

Skirt length can be adjusted from the default length, shorter or longer. (-10cm 〜+25cm by 5cm)

You get to have a matching sash belt without any extra $, if you would like.
You get to choose the fabrics from Men’s and Women’s.

You get to have separate fabrics for the top and the bottom with extra $110 (Included GST).

So, the price is…
If the shirt price is $220 (Included GST) then, + the dress option $176 (Included GST) = $396 (Included GST) for the beautiful spring dress!

Then, if you would like to have the separate fabrics for the top and the bottom, add extra $110 (Included GST) = $506 (Included GST)

The prices start from $346.5 (Included GST)