New Program! Made-To-Order

Thank you for your patience, those of you who live outside of Sydney!

I am getting inquiries from various places, asking me where they could buy our products. My intention was to deliver proper service and fit, for this, I was only focusing on the "Made-To-Measure" service, and I needed to have people visiting my shop.

However, I have noticed that either people are too busy or don't live in the area where it's accessable to the Sydney CBD in the business hours.

I am proud to announce that I am offering the "Made-To-Order" service.

If you have an average fit body, but are having a hard time finding good quality garments, I might be able to help you!

What is "Made-To-Order"?!

It is basically the off-the-rack sizes, but you get to choose the fabric, lining, buttons, and style, and we will make a garment from scratch with the same construction as our made-to-measure service. Plus, we could modify the length of the jacket or the sleeves, and hem the bottom of the pants. It's just that I won't be able to properly fit you since I am not there with you in person.

However, if you have been buying suits, shirts, shoes online, the idea is the same.

Any questions, please contact me!