New Fabric book "15 Point 7" by Dormeuil

Another addition to the Dormeuil collection.

15 POINT 7

The enigmatic name of Dormeuil's fabric book, 15 POINT 7 is no mystery to the connoisseur. It refers to the luxury super 160's suiting produced solely with finest 15.7 wool fiber gathered from sheep raised in one of the most beautiful scenic landscapes of New Zealand. Dingleburn Farm, where some of this unique 15.7 wool originates lies in this idyllic setting, and it is from there that Dominic Dormeuil has made a personal selection for the range.

The fine fiber is used to create a luxuriously soft and performant fabric, ideal for suits which can be worn in all seasons.

The designs for 15 POINT 7 are elegantly subtle, including tone on tone checks and classic patterns.

These fabrics are so fine, that only proper construction could hold up. I am so confident to prove to you that our construction could hold up these fine fabrics, to make you look absolutely the best.

$2950+GST a suit