Small Leather Goods

1, Long wallet for those of you, would like to put into the pocket inside of your jacket, it is thin


Price $797.50 〜 [All hand sewn extra $550]


2, L-Zip wallet, it is small enough to put into the back pocket of your pants



Price $330 〜 [All hand sewn extra $275]


3, Round-Zip wallet



Price $797.50 〜 [All hand sewn extra $550]


4, Round Coin-case



Price $187〜 [All hand sewn extra $137.50]




A: Japanese Pig Suede 15 Colors

B: Italian Elbamat Oil leather 4 Colors

D: Bangladesh Lopez Kip Leather 3 Colors

E: Japanese Grazed Pig skin 2 Colors, very durable

F: Italian Oil leather, Toiano 1 Color, Minerva Liscio 9 Colors

G: Italian Oil leather, Maremma 1 Color, Buttero 9 Colors

H: Italian Oil leather, Palaia 2 Colors, Minerva Box 3 Colors

I: German Shrunken Calf 4 Colors, used by Hermès, less color fading and aging

J: Italian Oil leather, Douglas 3 Colors

K: Japanese leather

·      Kip Tanned

·      Cedona

·      Tochigi Plain

·      Kip Chrome

·      Semi Tanned

·      Tochigi Shrunken

·      Smooth leather     




Japanese YKK Standard 20 Colors

Japanese YKK Excella    16 Colors [extra $16.50〜$27.50]




37 Colors


Turn around 5 to 6 weeks